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Posted: Wed, 2007-05-30 16:57

At the moment there is no real easy way to display multiple images in a WordPress post. I would like to hire someone to create a plug-in for gallery 2 that would allow you to do the following:

Allow a user to browse to the album that contains the images he would like to display on his weblog/website.

click on a button that says "copy album HTML to clipboard"

The HTML copied to the clipboard would contain the full URL to the photos. It would also contain the image description/caption.

Does anyone else think that this would be a great plug-in?

Once the plug-in is complete we can release it as a open-source plug-in.

Thank you for your interest in the project



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Posted: Thu, 2007-05-31 07:17

I spent another hour or so looking around at the different picasa plug-ins available and wasn't able to find anything. The problem is that I want my images to be mixed up with the text from my blog post. I want people to scroll vertically down the page looking at the images and reading the descriptions. Here are some of the benefits of this method:

The images and descriptions are actually embedded into the HTML.
The images and descriptions would be included in the XML content feed.
The images and descriptions would be indexable by Google.
The images and descriptions can be mixed with the actual blog post.
You could easily move around the images and descriptions within the blog post to add content above, in between or below the images.

Other cool things that could be done to make it more useful:
when you go to copy the HTML from the gallery you could: change the image size, modify embedded CSS properties such as border, padding, descriptions style, etc. once you have the images looking like here on your weblog you would click the "copy HTML" button. You could also modify the order in which images are shown. You could also select which images would be shown using checkboxes.

The plug-in would not be limited to WordPress; the code that it would produce would work anywhere on the Internet.