Gallery 3 - One Week In

We're sure glad that Gallery 3 has finally made it out the door, and it looks like you're pretty happy too! In the week since it's release, Gallery 3 has already been downloaded almost 15,000 times, and the Gallery 3.x feedback forum and Gallery 3 troubleshooting forums have been alive with activity. Theres been a little buzz around the internet, from tweets (We really like this one. Thanks liotier!) to news stories (like this one on Every mention is greatly appreciated! Have you blogged about Gallery 3 or seen it written up somewhere? Let us know!

Thanks for all your support, and here's what to expect in Gallery 3.1.

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what are the API changes that are coming re: modules and themes?

Edit: nm, found it here: ...wondering how i got dropped from -devel and -core... <looks at ckdake> ;-)

For Gallery 3 modules and themes, visit
For PHPNuke, phpBB2, and phpBB3 integration help, visit

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Website of the Russian support of fans Gallery3: