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"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your combined efforts in making Gallery 3 such an awesome way to archive and display photos. The software is really easy to install and configure, and it is an absolute joy to use. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!"
    Rob Visser (06/21/2012)

"I had to switch web hosting and was looking for software to publish galleries. Found this software on the web, downloaded and installed it. It's fantastic. Very easy to set up and use. Thanks to everyone involved. Software that really delivers is worth donating to."
    Tom Byers (07/26/2011)

"Dear Gallery 2 developers, I would like to say you my BIG THANK YOU for your product. We are using Gallery 2 at NASA/GSFC/IXO to store our mission design figures and we found it very helpful. Before we implemented Gallery 2, I did a research, but I did not anything comparable with Gallery 2. Thank you very much! "
    Olga Vovk (03/02/2011)

"I'm using gallery2 as my hobby's portfolio and private gallery (www.bieniek.be) since 2006. There is more than 14000 photos now and it handles it well. I did a little research lately and still haven't found anything better than the gallery. Thank you guys - keep up the good work :)"
    Marcin Bieniek (02/24/2011)

"I have been using g2 for about 5 years and just upgraded to gallery 3 which rocks!!! Thanks for the good work."
    Noe (12/13/2010)

"I am absolutely amazed at the product. The speed, the functionality, plugins, the support information. The ease of use to other platforms like windows. The renaming, structure and file system. And it’s all free. Incredible! Speaking for hundreds of clients and thousands of customers!"
    Khaleel (10/25/2010)

"I've met great people thanks to Gallery! In 2005 we started a tiny personal website (www.zorring.org) just to share the photos of our outdoor activities and mountaineering among our friends. Then, our site began to be visited by other people, some of whom e-mailed us. After five years I have 3 really very good friends and adventure companions that I've met in this way! Besides that, several times we met people in the mountains that greeted us with "your website helped us to discover new amazing trails and canyons!". We thank the Gallery team not just for this great software, but especially for these unexpected interactions with new people that are now our friends!"
    Matteo (09/05/2010)

"I have been using Gallery software for years and have all of our family photography live on our site, dating back till 2005. I have really explored and pushed the boundaries of what can be done with this software, hosting over 3,000 original images in our gallery as well smaller, more screen friendly versions. Make no mistake, this gallery can handle whatever you throw at it. I really see this software as the long term solution for my family photo gallery and you should too."
    James Watt (09/09/2010)

"No better than this free software Gallery 2 to have a real image bank. Easy to install if you take the time to read the method and provided you have a properly configured server. A note however, I would like to make a donation, no way to France with a credit card. Thank you to the team and to all those involved in the improvement of this software."
    bemarc (05/01/2010)

"This is my first time with Gallery and it's really awesome! I'd like to take the time to thank the team for creating such a powerful and flexible tool and for the many hours you put in to it. "
    Jagy (12/26/2009)

"Just wanted to take the time to let you know the your product is a testament that perfection exists. The fact that every step of the process is backed up by a screenshot on exactly what to do is a godsend. I was shocked that all this work was put in for freeware, you'd expect service like that to cost at least some sort of money. Just wanted to take the the time to thank you its the least anyone who uses your site can do."
    Anthony Russo (11/04/2009)

"I just wanted to say that your gallery product is awesome. I have been looking for something as simple as this to use in my website and was amazed by how easy it was to impliment and use. Also by how compatible it is."
    Rob Tozier (09/01/2009)

"I just want to say thanks so much for all your work on the Gallery project. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the product and really looking forward to the new version. Many thanks for creating such a flexible gallery environment and your hours of hard work. Many many thanks."
    Arnold Prasad (03/14/2009)

"Gallery2 is simple to install, has loads of ways to share your albums and upload your pics. I have been using it for a while now and can't do without it. It rulz. Thanks for this fantastic software."
    Edoardo Costa (03/08/2009)

"We have just installed Gallery2 on our website (http://www.myled.ch/gallery2/main.php) and I must say that I enjoy it really! After some personalisation based on the theme Carbon, we have a very powerful & flexible tool. Gallery2 is really great and easy to use. I can only recommend it!"
    Cyrille Colliard (02/20/2009)

"Really cool software! Best media gallery I ever found, best simple, errorless and complete installer, most effective instructions. "
    Amedeo Lanza di Casalanza (12/16/2008)

"Gallery2 is wonderful wonderful!! I am using it to help share photos among friends who traveled in Costa Rica this month."
    Roger Day (10/30/2008)

"I just have to say... THIS IS THE BEST STAND-ALONE GALLERY SOFTWARE ON THE NET! And it's freeware.. I was desperately looking for a gallery that would satisfy all my needs...Like password protected albums,admin activated accounts,very easy editing (did some core hacking...just a little) ,when I came across this site.. I judged the program like " no it probably sucks" but I have to say I was so happy after installing it.. Thank You for the awesome gallery...it just blew my mind.. "
    mukunku (09/10/2008)

"Many thanks for your hard work on Gallery! We're using it to collect family photos for my parents' upcoming 50th wedding anniversary celebration. I know the photos we obtain via Gallery will add a great deal to the event. Keep up the fine coding!"
    Steve Hill (09/04/2008)

"I want you to know how much I appreciate you making Gallery, and updates, available to the public. The install and setup were amazingingly simple. In fact the install was easiest I ever encountered and customization was a breeze. Thank you for making the best photo sharing/ gallery program anywhere. In my opinion, Gallery beats all comparable open-source and commercial products around. (I have tried them all) Best regards, and thank you again!"
    Paul Papppathan (08/26/2008)