Gallery 2.1 (Blackjack) Released!

Gallery 2.1 (Blackjack) is now available for download! This release is a substantial improvement over Gallery 2.0 in both features and performance. We've added 10 new modules supporting features like RSS, ratings, permanent links, Picasa and Google Sitemaps. We've made many changes to the core framework to reduce code size and improve our performance, and this release includes page level caching which can provide a profound performance increase in most situations. This release has also received a professional security audit. See what else is new and then download now! If you're upgrading from an older release of Gallery 2, you should read the upgrading notes first. Upgrading is quick and easy, but if you're upgrading from 2.0 there are a few things you should know first. As always before you ask for help, please, please read the README -- we've made an effort to answer all of your questions there. Especially read the known issues section. Then head on over to the Gallery 2 Forums and let us know what you think! Thanks for your continued support!

New Features Include:
  • New Ratings module allows users to vote for their favorite photos.
  • New RSS module provides syndication of your Gallery's content to the world, so users can track content updates.
  • New module to support hidden items and albums. Hidden items are restricted from guest users until accessed by the direct URL. Migrate module now imports hidden items from G1 as hidden in G2 if this module is active.
  • New module to support password protected items and albums. Passwords are complementary to the G2 permission management. Passwords are impersonal while the G2 permission system handles access and rights for specific users and user groups.
  • New Reupload module allows replacing an image file while keeping the title, description, comments, etc.
  • New Permalinks module works with the URL Rewrite module to create short URLs using just the album name, as in Gallery 1.x.
  • New Linkitem module creates links to other albums or external URLs.
  • New module to import albums from Picasa.
  • New module to support Google Sitemaps.
  • New module for retrieving id3 tag information.
  • New link in comments module to view all recent comments. Also an option to require captcha for posting anonymous comments.
  • New option to apply album and theme settings recursively to all subalbums.
  • URL Rewrite module now supports IIS (isapi rewrite) and pathinfo.
...and many more!
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w00t, first post!! :)


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Detailed changelog from 2.1-RC-2a for anyone interested:

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Since Gallery2 2.1 has changed a number of underlying concepts please check your embedded application before you upgrade to ensure it is compatible with Gallery2 2.1

Forums for WPG2 & G2Image (and soon Joomla) support.

Blackjack... 21... 2.1?

Oh, now I get it!

Really, this is a great release. I've been very excited for the Picasa imports and RSS and I was happily surprised to see that there is some page caching included now, too. Thanks for the good work!

wuh...nice release. can not wait to check the RSS module.

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works well with my WPG2 (2.0-rc*) based sites (i have a few dozen or so). the Ratings, RSS and newly revamped Siriux & Floatrix theme rocks, among the *many enhancements* i have yet to play around with. thanks!

Does anyone know if this works with the Joomla bridge 2, or will the bridge need to be updated?

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Version 2.1-1 of the Debian gallery2 package was uploaded in the afternoon (EST) of Friday, March 24, 2006 and should be available in Debian unstable as of the archive run in the afternoon (EST) of Friday, March 24, 2006.

Debian gallery package maintainer

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I can answer the two posts about joomla.

We are running joomla 1.08 @
I have the galleryBridge running too. It's located under "Project Gallery"

To get the galleryBridge go here & select the 2.0.13 if you are running gallery 2.1

If anyone else has questions please drop me a line.

Don't see an answer to my question maybe someone can tell me which package to download (full) (typical) (minimum) if you are using gallery 2.1RCa. Man, and I just upgraded two days ago!


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Get the same package you used for 2.1-RC-2a probably, or whichever package will upgrade all the modules you used in 2.0.x.

schultmc wrote:
Version 2.1-1 of the Debian gallery2 package was uploaded in the afternoon (EST) of Friday, March 24, 2006 and should be available in Debian unstable as of the archive runn in the afternoon (EST) of Friday, March 24, 2006.

Debian gallery package maintainer

Yeah thanks! I couldnt see, but now its oke! Upgrading again :)

I have been use this many years,this is a excellent software,but since I upgrage my gallery form 2.0.4 to 2.1,it seems to be some problem,when I login as admin,in the "maintain" page (sorry I never use English virson before,I just guess),and I click to execute "create the tuumbs and preview images"(sorry I never use English virson before,I just guess),the progress report shows the words that I could not understand,and it's not the words I know,this problem also in many other pages,such as "update the record date",please tell me how to fix this problem,thanks!I put my gallery on a fedora cores4 server,using 繁體中文,traditional Chinese(UTF-8) as my deafult language!

Sorry,I've found the question,it's my web browser(ie)!

thanks for the great work. looks like fabulous release

Thanks! Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1 was very smooth, and now hidden and password-locked albums are back!