Gallery 2.3 (Skidoo) Released!

Gallery 2.3 (Skidoo) is now available for download! It's been almost 20 months since the last major release and Gallery 2.3 is packed with new features and enhancements. Major new features include: A much improved slideshow using PicLens to provide a rich, full screen experience; Comment spam filtering with Akismet; and configurable e-mail notifications.

As always before you ask for help, please, please read the README -- we've made an effort to answer all of your questions there. Especially read the known issues section. Upgrading is quick and easy, but if you're upgrading from 2.1 or earlier there are a few things you should know first so be sure to scan the upgrading instructions.

Go see what else is new and then download Gallery 2.3!

Thanks for your continued support! Read on for more details...

New Features of Gallery 2.3 Include:

  1. New version of the slideshow module now uses PicLens to provide a rich, full screen slideshow.
  2. Comment module now offers moderation and Akismet support to help weed out spam comments.
  3. New email notification module allowing users to configure events they wish to get notified for. You can watch albums for changes, items for new comments, etc.
  4. Support for SQLite 3.x as a database backend.
  5. Smaller downloads available
    1. English only version, with new Language Manager that allows the addition or removal of translations.
    2. Significantly fewer language related directories in all versions
  6. New SnapGalaxy module for prints from
  7. New Jpegtran module to support rotation and cropping of jpeg images with no loss in image quality.
  8. New database backup feature. Backup at start of upgrade, or anytime from Site Admin / Maintenance. Restore a backup from lib/support interface.
  9. New event logging system records Gallery errors, viewable in the Site Admin interface.
  10. Remote module now bundles the Gallery Remote client and makes it available via Java Web Start. Users with a Java enabled browser can then launch Gallery Remote with a single click instead of manually downloading and installing.
  11. Themes can now override module template files, allowing a themed look to more aspects of the application.
  12. Performance and stability improvements.
    1. Smarty templates now permanently cached by default. Turn this off in Site Admin / Performance when working on tpl files, so changes take effect immediately during development.
    2. Avoid reading EXIF data multiple times in Carbon theme.
    3. Some added caching in GalleryUrlGenerator.
    4. Use progress bar when adding items to avoid server or browser timeouts. Particularly helpful when adding many items from local server.
    5. Refactor of translator hints to avoid some processing when translations are not used (en_US).
    6. Faster plugin and language package downloads.
    7. Refactor of event system working towards a performance improvement in the next release.
  13. User interface changes.
    1. Use AJAX to speed up deleting comments(spam) on items/albums and to switch between EXIF modes.
    2. Use quick DHTML confirm dialog for deleting single items. Dialog offers link to bulk delete several items from an album.
    3. Use YUI ItemTree instead of plain select box to select target album when moving items, creating replicas or link items.
  14. Security improvements resulting from internal and external audits.
  15. Many bug fixes!
...and many more!

Screenshots of some of the new features:

Translations and Integrations: Additionally, 8 languages are 100% translated, 20 more are over 50% translated, and we are pretty close to launching a new community translation tool thanks to John Britton, one of our Google Summer of Code Students! Check out the Gallery 2 Localization Report and the Available Integrations page for the full lists.

Security: Like each and every Gallery 2 release before this one, after a professional security audit and internal audits, we have made many improvements to protect your Gallery installation and you. No known exploits exist for the current version of Gallery (R2.2.6), however, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Gallery 2.3 to insure the security of your Gallery installation.

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Version 2.3-1 of the Debian gallery2 package was uploaded in the morning (EDT) of Sunday, October 19, 2008 and will be available after the archive push in the afternoon (EDT) of Sunday, October 19, 2008.

Debian gallery package maintainer

Is there already a new Gentoo ebuild available for Gallery 2.3?

Great news, congrats with the release!
One little note, piclens is now called cooliris (example)

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my salute for supporting Cooliris which makes viewing photos so easy, a notification, database backup/restore, system maintenance mode, and a more refined comment moderation feature among other significant changes.

thank you very much for all the hard work!

This upgrade is great! Congrats to the team!!!

cooliris is great! A complete new experience. This feature alone is worth the upgrade effort, which is easy on smoothless.
The spam prevention with akismet sounds great. I'm still figuring out how it works (got the idea behind it).
Backup at start of upgrade, or anytime from Site Admin / Maintenance! Uuufff ;-)

Thanks again!!!
The Top Secret Gallery2 Treasure: Quick Start Guide

Awesome - just wish I hadn't spent all that time installing RC2 last week :P Seriously, good work guys. I love the Gallery.

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Congratulations to you all!

Great job and congratulations!

For Gentoo you could just copy existing gallery-2.2.6.ebulid to gallery-2.3.ebuild and it'll work. Also if you want new package added to the tree it's good idea to open version bump bug, like this: . That's said new gallery package is available in official Gentoo tree.

Installed Gallery 2.3 by replacing all file. Found it running slower than 2.26... still trying to find out what is happening.

Also unable to activate / deactivate Plug-ins in SitAdmin ... There is nothing under the Action column (See Attached)

When browsing with IE7, getting an error in the LH corner of the browser, when opening the dialog, it said :

Line: 2
Char: 1
Error: Invalid Character
Code 0


Gallery URL = http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cmjimmy/main.php
Gallery version = 2.3 core 1.3.0
API = Core 7.54, Module 3.9, Theme 2.6, Embed 1.5
PHP version = 5.2.6 apache2handler
Webserver = Apache/2.2.10 (Unix) PHP/5.2.6
Database = mysql 5.0.51a-log, lock.system=flock
Toolkits = Exif, LinkItemToolkit, ImageMagick, Thumbnail
Acceleration = none/1800, none/900
Operating system = Linux xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2.6.27 #1 SMP Fri Oct 10 12:35:05 HKT 2008 x86_64
Default theme = matrix
gettext = disabled
Locale = en_US
Browser = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; InfoPath.2)
Rows in GalleryAccessMap table = 40
Rows in GalleryAccessSubscriberMap table = 27762
Rows in GalleryUser table = 2
Rows in GalleryItem table = 27753
Rows in GalleryAlbumItem table = 417
Rows in GalleryCacheMap table = 0

Suspect the slowness was caused by the ImageFrame.... In a multiple site setup. One of the site have had the frame disappeared, but the speed has resumed.... in other sites, the frame was still there, the speed was slow.

However, the ImageFrame Plug-in was unavailable to be turnned off in system maintenance

+_+ Proved it was not caused by ImageFrame... +_+... must be something else.

Installed Gallery 2.3 by replacing all file and I got the error:

PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at E:\home\teosoft1\Web\teofotos\modules\core\classes\GalleryCoreApi.class:3173) in E:\home\teosoft1\Web\teofotos\modules\core\classes\GalleryPhpVm.class on line 142

I didn't even run the web based upgrader.

Any clue?

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Magnifico! Finally got rid of the nasty comment spammers. Cooliris is indeed really cool. However, Gallery's own slideshow is a giant leap forward. Overall speed is excellent. Here is an album I really like:

Thanks for all your much appreciated effort - Jos

Wonderful job guys, this app is the best in the world and keeps on giving.
Good luck and courage for the future.

I've been doing on an update of translation and when the first file had been done was searching for the new location of .mo language files for almoust an hour and finnaly found it in the data folder which I didn't expected as I'm running a multiple instalation on one core files.

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As someone who was targeted by Matt Mullenweg with blackballing by Akismet, I feel that the addition of Akismet is a negative. He is known for using Akismet as his own personal censorship tool and has been called on it a number of times. Folks complain about being blacklisted and having to jump through hoops to be removed from Akismet's blacklist. Allowing users of Gallery to use other spam tools like Typepad Antispam would allow users to make a choice between their options. Promoting Akimet is just saying that censorship is acceptable.

I will be removing Gallery from my own personal sites and will no longer suggest its use to my clients. I strongly suggest more thought to this "feature." Even a warning to users about its misuse would be beneficial.

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@drmike: Akismet is not enabled by default. If you're really upset about it, just don't use it. Sorry to hear that you're having troubles with the Akismet folks, but we had to pick one and that's the one we picked. Please feel free to contribute code (or encouraged others to contribute code) that supports a different anti-spam solution.

At a minimum, there needs to be a way to view which messages have been marked as spam. EVERY spam filter that I've seen at least moves the messages to a spam box. Would you use an email client that deleted spam messages and gave you no way of retrieving them?

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@JustinHoMi: "Site Admin" -> "Moderate Comments" takes you to the page where you can see all the comments that have been marked as spam.

Ah, good. Unfortunately my upgrade didn't go well, so some of the basic things aren't working in my installation.

in my case the gallery resides within http://mysite/gallery2/
the install altered config.php on the line
$gallery->setConfig('baseUri', '');
$gallery->setConfig('baseUri', 'http://mysite/gallery2/main.php');
this created quite a confusion as I access it over http:// and over https:// - when I would access over https it would switch to http. It did work over http however but somehow slower than 2.2.6

I guess it was more of a fluke seeing this as I don't know php but on comparing to my backup I confirmed it altered. Changing the entry fixed the behavior with the https and speed up gallery.

@vancouverbluesea :

setting the baseUri by default is a security measure, mainly to protect from cache poisoning attacks on g2's page cache.
if you drop the baseUri configuration, please make sure that your website is only available through the domain names that you intend to make it available to. you may be able to restrict that in your apache configuration.

as for a performance drop when baseUri is set, I can't think of a reason why this could happen. there's obviously a performance drop when going from http to https (not in g2, but on the client/server connection level), but there shouldn't be any difference between baseUri with some value that starts with "http://" and baseUri left blank.

Documentation: Support / Troubleshooting | Installation, Upgrade, Configuration and Usage

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What theme are you using? It is really nice and clean.

Thank you !!!!

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I would be interested to read more about this. can you point me to such a place please?
Perhaps I can modify the base url not to include http:// so G2 can be used simultaneously on http:// and https:// (my main goal)

"20 months since the last major release" - and you guys still have not added boolean search functions? It seems as though nobody cares about it. Not having the search function for more than one word makes Gallery utterly worthless for more than a few hundred images.

Not having the search function for more than one word makes Gallery utterly worthless for more than a few hundred images.

As is often said, the Gallery developers, as volunteers, work on what interests them. You're welcome to develop the feature yourself, and contribute it.

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For tags, you can see for a start

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This is a modified Siriux theme (thanks to Nico Kaiser). It's quite easy to modify the css and have eg. a black background and grey fonts and so on. - JG

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This new comment module is wonderful. I was tired of deleting spams, akismet works just like a charm. Thank you!!!

High Resolution wallpapers l World War II Photo Archives

Upgraded primarily for the PicLens/Cooliris integration, which works very well when you're in a particular gallery. Cooliris doesn't seem to work with nested albums (yet?); would love to see that work out of the box in a future release. Nice work!

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Cooliris doesn't seem to work with nested albums (yet?);

Where would one stop if you had 1000s of sub albums? Anyway:

Blog & G2 || floridave - Gallery Team

Great work guys. That did thye trick.

ich benötige Gallery 2.3 nur auf Deutsch weil meine Seite kein gettext unterstützt
wer kann mir helfen
Sean Baden Germany

Yes, great work, the right feature.
Can't wait to see whats next