Gallery 2 Theme Contest

The Gallery Project is pleased to announce the Gallery 2 Theme Contest!

Gallery is looking for new, inspiring, feature complete, and original themes to be created by our amazing users! In appreciation for these themes, we will award you with fame and prize money. There are a few rules you will have to follow, but if you read carefully you should be fine...

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Update: The contest has been extended until February 15th 2007!

Important Links:

  1. Gallery 2 Theme Contest Wiki Page (More Information, Details)
  2. Gallery 2 Theme Contest Forum Topic
  3. Gallery 2 Theme Development Forum
  4. Gallery 2 Theme Documentation


  1. Themes must be submitted via email in a tar.gz or zip file to with the submitter's name, contact email, phone number, location, and a description/feature list of the theme.
  2. Themes submitted must be the intellectual property of the submitter
  3. Themes must function properly in all recent major browsers
  4. By submitting a theme you agree to release the code as GPL under the Gallery Project.
  5. Themes must be new, original, and should not be tightly based off of any themes released before this contest had begun.
  6. You will get bonus points for including imageframes, colorpacks, and iconpacks with your theme.
  7. Submission deadline is January 14th February 15th, 2007 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific

Theme Categories:

  1. Best Overall Themes
  2. Most Original Themes
  3. Best Dynamic Themes (AJAX/DHTML)
  4. Best Flash Themes
  5. Best Embedded Themes
  6. Best Look-a-like Themes (Do not infringe on copyrights please)
  7. ... more will be added!


  1. Best Iconpack
  2. Best Imageframe
  3. Best Colorpack (existing theme, or new theme submission)


We will allocate a minimum of $3,141.59 USD total in prize money, which can increased if we are extremely pleased with the submissions and/or add new categories.

Visit the Gallery 2 Theme Contest Wiki Page for more information or Learn more about Gallery.

And it would be wonderful if the newly submitted themes were:

1. FAST - able to handle a database with thousands of photos at speeds like the Matrix theme. As an example, the PGTheme looks outstanding, but has severe performance issues (click-response lag) because of all its scripting (see the forum thread for more).

2. Commented - understanding what's happening in a theme's source files are key to user modifications. Please markup your code!!!

Many thanks to the coders who will take to their keyboards to write new themes!

scaturan's picture

good wishes to all participating theme developers. it's time to show off what you've got! :)

blendar's picture

ah, and please make lots of color packs, i love having a wide variety of colors to choose from!

best of luck to all of you

Wouw, high price.

I think it's time for all happy users to push the [PayPal] Button :D

It would also be extremely nice to see some themes that can be embedded without having to alter it (like the sliding sidebars that make this impossible with pgtheme and carbon)

best of luck to all!

fabs's picture

I don't know if that has to be implemented on the gallery side or can be done simply in a theme... but it would be really nice to have a gallery theme thatdoes not need so many page refreshes but solves viewing of pictures using ajax technologs so that users don't alwas have to scroll down to the picture all the time.. especially when u have a header in your website this is an issue. maybe it could also be solved using lightbox effect, but simply ajax would be nicer...

and if there was some nice slideshow option implemented in a theme that plays within the theme and does not need extra modifications it would be just gorgeous!


Breath in love...--------------
------------...breath out peace!

Through this competion i am sure, Gallery Would be reaching ultimate best gallery software.

My recomendation would include

1. To have Gallery downloadable theme center similar to
2. Themes should include Light-box, Grey Box, or Thick box effects.
3. Theme should have enhanced effect similar to this
4. Also use Dojo tools kid fishey style menu.
5. Themes should also possibily have mouse over image enlargement like this
6. Finally can we have some sort gallery function like this example here

Hope this is useful for developers.

Best of luck for all,

> 1. To have Gallery downloadable theme center similar to

G2.2 has a built-in downloadable plugins page in the admin section. Throught it, you can download and install modules and themes with a few clicks.

As to preferences: Everyone has certain preferences, I'm sure you'll like some of the existing and future themes.

> 6. Finally can we have some sort gallery function like this example here

the user contributed pglightbox theme is pretty much that. it has the mini thumbnails and it has the lightbox effects.
the official carbon theme has the mini thumbnails too.