Übermind releases GalleryExport for Aperture and iPhoto

Übermind, the folks behind several popular digital photography software plug-ins, have released GalleryExport for Aperture and iPhoto. With support for both Gallery versions 1 and 2, it is now easier than ever before to share photos from your Mac to your Gallery.

Both GalleryExport plug-ins are free and available to download from the Übermind website:

Aperture: http://www.ubermind.com/products/galleryexportforaperture.php
iPhoto: http://www.ubermind.com/products/galleryexportforiphoto.php

Read on for the feature list.

GalleryExport features include:

• Support for multiple galleries
• Navigate albums on remote gallery using a Finder-like browser
• Create new albums in remote gallery
• Upload selected images to existing or new albums
• Fully multi-threaded for a very responsive user interface
• Keychain support
• Exports to both pre-defined and custom image sizes

Nice. Any plans for Gallery3 ?