Happy 10th Birthday Gallery!

Bharat registered Gallery as a project on SourceForge on June 18th, 2000 to share his small PHP photo program with the world. Now with over 20,000 code changes across 3 completely unique versions and almost 100,000 forum topics, Gallery is 10 years old and on countless web sites around the world. In addition to the huge Team of documented contributors over the years, thousands of people have helped make this possible. Thanks everyone for all of your comments, bug reports, patches, help, and feedback. We couldn't have done this without you!

Gallery 3 RC 2 is just around the corner and we can't wait to finish up the last few things and get it out the door to you.

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"on June 18th, 2010" <- 2000

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Fixed! Thats kinda like an off-by-one error... :)

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Problems? Check gallery3/var/logs
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Happy happy day!


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10 years and this baby has not made Bharat loose any hair, at lease I can't tell.

Way to go team!

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a big thank you to Bharat and the Gallery team! and all of those who've contributed code / tech support over the years, much appreciated!

Happy Birthday :-) I have used Gallery since gallery1!
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Happy Birthday!


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Sweet!! Happy Birthday.....
i check the site everyday for the "official" RC2 release...... can't wait... :p

- Hossain Khan

Congrats! You have lasted longer than most marriages!

And good luck with the RC2 release.

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Happy Birthday. You grew up so fast!

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Happy Birthday!!! I started using G1 about eight years ago and still have it happily running today!!
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When will the final version of Gallery 3 Santa Fe be available?


Wow! Happy birthday. More successful years to come. I am a long time user of the Gallery.