Improvements to Gallery for remote hosting

It appears that many people are trying to use Gallery in a ftp-only remote access environment. This can be tricky because you don't have the ability to change the web server environment, nor do you necessarily have special privileges. To top it off, you can't run the configure/secure shell scripts remotely.To solve these problems I've reduced the dependencies for Gallery considerably. You are no longer required to have a .htaccess file (which should alleviate many of the problems I've been witnessing). I removed the dependency on mod_rewrite earlier. In the future I'd like to remove the dependency on NetPBM and let you choose from a variety of graphics toolkits.

I've also updated the README to include more detailed documentation on how to configure and secure Gallery when the only access you have is FTP. Feedback on that is welcome, especially if it comes with text that I can add to the README.

These changes are going to be in Gallery v1.0b6 when it is released. If you want earlier access you can download the latest code from CVS on SourceForge (