Gallery vs. Coppermine and other gallery software


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I'm currently looking into open source photo gallery/digital image management software for a public library and I'm interested in getting some feedback on this software.

I'm looking for software to organize and store images on the intranet. I'm also looking for software that has the ability to attribute a multitude of tags to images to facilitate easy searches. I'm curious as to how Gallery, Coppermine (and similar software like 4images)stack up to each other in terms of network-ability and multiple user functions. I read in a forum that Coppermine is better used as a stand-alone compared to Gallery. Do you agree or disagree? I would really appreciate feedback in this regard.




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I suspect there aren't many people here who use both, unsurprisingly. Maybe even none. There have been other "please compare/contrast" threads, and they don't get a lot of responses, probably for that reason.


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i could easily say that gallery is very good at multiple user interface,and is very practicle for use..but of course,like alecmyers i did not use any other software other than gallery..But I can easily say that the software and the support here are more then enough to help you with your project.
Thanks to the gallery team from Turkey.

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Thanks very much for the feedback and the links. After reviewing many of the OS gallery software options out there, I have to say that Gallery is looking very good in terms of what I'm looking for. However, my main concern now is the tagging feature. I've looked over many of the Gallery 2 demo sites and I haven't seen any with a tagging feature that resembles Flickr or Facebook. However, I read in a forum that Gallery 2.21 has a plugin for dynamic albums based on keywords and I'm wondering how Flickr or Facebook-like it is. Also, I read in Wikipedia that there are security issues with this module. What do those issues entail?



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The best thing is just to install Gallery2 and try it. It will give you a much better idea of whether it does what you want than anyone else can by telling you stuff. It costs nothing.

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Gallery does have a tag module as well as keywords.
I have a mod for the tags module which creates a multi tag search from the cloud.
You can also allow direct tagging under each photo/item.

IMHO Gallery has far more features then any of its direct competitors - but I'm also biased.

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