Gallery on Android

anthony43 just announced the release of ReGalAndroid, an Android client for Gallery 2 and Gallery 3. Search for "regalandroid" in the Android market, check it out, and file bugs here if you find any. There is also a discussion thread in our forums.

ReGalAndroid currently supports browsing and sharing of items in both Gallery 2 and Gallery 3, and can add new photos only to Gallery 2. Hopefully full Gallery 3 write support is just around the corner!

I was really excited to see Anthony released a version 1.0 of ReGalAndroid, but I was disappointed to see that it has yet to add upload support for Gallery 3. I am still waiting for some way to upload or email photos from my phone to Gallery 3.

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Maybe I'm blind, but how do you tell it the address of the gallery install you want to access??