Paid Support

Would you like one of the Gallery developers to help with your site?

We've tried to make Gallery as easy as possible to install, but if you have never used FTP, are new to computers or are just having problems, then we can install it for you. If you want to contribute a little bit back to Gallery by hiring the services of the people who have worked hard to build it, then this is the place to be.

If you feel that the prices here are too expensive, remember that the forums are a 100% free alternative. The core developers who perform paid installation and maintenance also provide free support in the forums (though paid support is a higher priority).

Any work performed on your behalf will be done by one of the trusted core Gallery developers. We are intimately familiar with the Gallery product and have each done many, many installations. We will not cause any harm to your system, nor will your authentication information be shared without your express permission. It is what it is; you can take it or leave it. In fact, we don't want you to pursue this option unless you really understand that you're sending your username and password to somebody that you've only read about on a website.

Legalese: We're providing paid support as a service to our users. The fees that we charge bring in some useful cash that helps fuel the project, but we're not in it to make a lot of money. Therefore, we can't afford to have any liability in the case where something goes wrong. We're going to do our best to make sure that we don't damage your system in any way, but in the extremely remote case where something goes wrong (your data gets deleted, your personal information gets leaked, your site gets defaced) we can accept no liability. You'll need to agree to this below. This has never happened, but in case you're the first instance we can't afford to get sued over it.

For installations, you should first visit the requirements page and make sure that gallery will install on your system. If it will, then you are all set. If you don't know what FTP or SSH is, please contact your ISP or system administrator and ask them for details.

Price List
(all prices in US dollars)
Standard Gallery 3 install, or upgrade existing Gallery 3 to the latest version.
$50 flat rate
Upgrade Gallery 1 to Gallery 3
$75 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
$75 minimum
Standard Gallery 2 install or upgrade Gallery 2 to the latest version including requested skins and languages $75 flat rate
Upgrade Gallery 2 to Gallery 3 $75 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
$75 minimum
Upgrade Gallery 1 to Gallery 2 $75 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
$75 minimum
Fixing broken or misconfigured Gallery $75 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
$75 minimum
Fixing broken albums (not always possible) $75 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
$75 minimum

Other Requests

At the moment we are not accepting requests to do other types of work than what is listed above. We frequently receive requests to do custom work on Gallery and while that's interesting to us, we don't have the bandwidth to work on it properly. It's a more effective use of our time to work on the Gallery core product and try to provide improvements to the product for everybody. If this situation changes, we'll update the above price list accordingly.


Payment is in advance, and is made directly to the developer. Individual developer's have their own preferences, but they will all accept payment via PayPal. For work by the hour, a minimum payment (typically one hour's work) will need to be made before work can commence.

If work agreed on cannot be completed, then a full or partial refund will be made. Note that if you request a standard Gallery installation, and your host does not meet the minimum requirements, you may not receive any refund (at the discretion of the developer).

Any work done to your site may be used in next release of Gallery. You may request that customizations not be released into Gallery source, but this would require the agreement of the developer and may cost significantly more.

How It Works

It's pretty simple. Fill out the form below and try to provide enough detail that we can understand the problem without having to ask a lot of follow-up questions. If you can't answer all the questions (like about the operating system or the version of PHP) then take a guess and discuss it in the additional details box. Do not include any passwords in the help request! We'd rather not have your sensitive data in our database if we can avoid it. This is for your protection.

Your request will go into our database and you'll receive a confirmation code (both in the browser and to the email address you specified). Within 4 days, one of our developers will contact you to discuss the problem and send you payment information. You'll know that the developer is legitimate because he or she will include your confirmation code in the email. You will then be instructed to send your server authentication information to this developer via email. The developer will stay in touch with you through the process of resolving your request. If you don't hear back from a developer within 4 days, you can send us an email to follow up. Include your confirmation code in that email so that we can look you up in our records.

Help Request Form

If you want to request a particular developer, please make a mention of that in Additional Details box. If they are available, and have the skills for your request, then we will endeavour obtain them for you.

By opening this ticket you agree that you will not hold the Gallery project or any of the gallery team members liable for harm of any kind that may come out of the work that they perform at your request.

After submitting this ticket you will receive an email from Please make sure that this addresss is not spam blocked!

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