Season of Usability Gallery Survey - Please Participate!

Gallery's 2009 Season of Usability (SoU) user survey is up and running- and we want you to participate!

The purpose of Gallery's SoU project is to learn more about Gallery users (and potential users). So, in order to understand our users and their motivations for using Gallery, we are trying to understand how and why people use photo-management tools in general and what's important to them when using these tools. We want to know their motivations, their tasks, and what qualities they find most desirable in using photo management software, with the ultimate goal of understanding why our users choose Gallery, how they use it, and how we can continue to improve to meet their needs.

Help us understand how photos play a part in your life, and how and why you use Gallery to share them. The survey should only take a few minutes; you can access it here:

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you!

The survey is a great idea but it doesn't work in my browser (the part where you rank items by importance). That brings up an important UI requirement - it should be fully functional in any browser (ie do not require flash or ajax or javascript, although those things can be used to augment the experience).

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The drag and drop makes the ranking portions much easier for most users. I'm not sure that we can address your issue specifically, but I am curious to know your browser and JavaScript settings.

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I love it. The only thing I am missing is a Subscribe via Email functionality to keep family/friends posted. Compared to other tools I used it is a (if not two) generation ahead and I really love it.


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Gerald, I'm not sure what your question has to do with the usability survey, but if you're talking about any version of Gallery, that option is there.

In G3, it's called Notifications. Just go to Admin > Modules and install it. Please post a thread in the forums if you have any other questions:
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Hi, wanted to send a news letter to subscribed friends. The current module sends automated emails to registered users. The difference is, that I am looking f a subscribe/unsubscribe via email feature. And once you are subscribed you get a manual written email.


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i use it to organize and edit my family photos