Gallery 1.5.5-pl1 Released

Gallery 1.5.5-pl1 is now available for download. This is primarily a bug fix release, fixing a handful of bugs reported by users and some discovered by our testing team. Even though this release contains no security fixes, we recommend that all users of Gallery 1.5.4 and earlier upgrade to this release to be as bug free as possible. You can download 1.5.5-pl1 from the Gallery 1 download page on SourceForge. Upgrade instructions are available on our documentation site.

Issues resolved in this release:
  • (from 1.5.5) -> slideshow doesn't work in IE/Opera
  • Embedded slideshow did not work in low mode.
  • #1299913: $_REQUEST['name'] is no longer an indicator for being embedded.
  • #1487824: allow negative alignment for watermark.
  • eCard preview did not work embedded.
  • The preference for normal/full when browsing an album was broken.
  • "undefined function: _()" appeared in certain circumstances.
  • If magic_quotes were on, links in input with quotes were not recognized.
  • Shadow frame files were corrupted.
  • Link to colorpicker was broken.
  • Font color in upload photos (aka white on white doesnt read very well).
  • "next tab" was broken in config.
  • Preloading feature in FF did not increase the counter in view_album and view_photo.
In addition, there were some minor enhancements and JavaScript updates.

thanks man
very very good

Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like the shadow frame .png files are still corrupted in this release?
after the upgrade they didn't show up properly, firefox was complaining about them. I had to copy the old ones from my previous version (1.5.3).

Also, I have a minor problem with the album properties window. Tabs appear without frames, until I click on the text, then frame around that text appears.


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You should report issues in the forums:
this is a new release and your issue might get missed.

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