Gallery 3.0 Beta 3 is ready!

Beta 3 is here! With this final beta, we begin the sprint to our full release! Your feedback in our beta series has been priceless so far, help us with our final push to work out the last little bugs and issues and polish up the product! Download it now! or read on for more details...

Intended audience

Gallery 3 Beta 3 is still not quite a finished product yet. There's still a lot of polishing to do, and a bunch of small missing features. But even in its incomplete state it is a fast, reliable and secure product. Live a little, try it out! If you're excited about creating beautiful themes and writing your own custom modules, now is a great time to get involved!

Security warning

Our good friends at Gotham Digital Science did a professional security audit for us, and we have fixed all the major flaws they uncovered. The minor issues that remain are along the lines of "you should ask for the old password as a confirmation when you let users change their password." We'll fix those, before the final release. All big security holes are closed. Did we miss some? We hope not, but if you install Beta 3 on a public site, we encourage you to watch for new releases and be prepared to upgrade if we put out security fixes.

Wahoooo! Let's go!

With the disclaimers and warnings out of the way, here it is: Download Gallery 3.0 Beta 3 (1.3 MB) or retrieve directly from our revision control with git clone git://

Upgrading from Gallery 3 Beta 1 and Beta 2

You can upgrade from Beta 1 or Beta 2 (but not from earlier releases). Upgrading is really easy! Unpack the new version on top of the old one to replace the existing files and then either browse to: (except use your real domain name) or if you have shell access, run: php index.php upgrade

The Gallery 3 Philosophy

We set out to make an amazing application. Not only will you be able to easily host your photos, but you'll find that Gallery 3 makes it a joy. We focused on the following 4 principles:

  • Keep It Small - Gallery 3 is 4.5 MB with all of its features. This is a tiny fraction of the size of most similar applications.

  • Make It Intuitive - We've got some great usability and user interface experts on our team, designing and prototyping interfaces that just make sense. Frequent tasks are now quick and easy. Tough tasks are possible with great new interfaces.

  • Make It Fast - We've made some tough decisions in keeping the scope of Gallery 3 small. We've created a set of features that we think will make most of you really happy, while avoiding some of the crazier features that make the product slow. As a result, you're going to find that it's really snappy!

  • Make it Extensible - Our module system is so simple that even now while we're still in beta, the community has written 26 modules ranging from facial recognition to slideshows to batch tagging. Download and play with them from the gallery3-contrib repository on GitHub.

How Did We Do It?

We have stood on the shoulders of giants. Gallery 3.0 is made possible by some truly great advances in technology.

  • Kohana - We evaluated many PHP frameworks before choosing Kohana. It's speed, flexibility and power made it just what we needed. Thanks to the Kohana folks for providing this first class application framework!

  • PHP 5 - We're taking advantage of many of the new features and capabilities available in the latest versions of PHP. This allows us to write much less code and have a faster product.

  • jQuery - the write less, do more Javascript library. Gallery 3's rich user interface is heavily driven by Javascript and is made possible by the simple and powerful jQuery framework.

So what's new in this release?

There's not enough room to list everything, but highlights include:
  • Beta 3 (hide details)
    • Configurable custom URLs for each album, photo or movie.
    • Greatly improved UI for administration pages
    • Systematic fixes for Cross Site Security (XSS) vulnerabilities.
    • Compatibility with PHP 5.3
    • New, extensible context menus for albums, photos and movies.
    • Better support for viewing full size images
    • Rewritten Organize module. It's got a little less functionality now, but it's much cleaner and will be a primary focus for the next release.
    • Tags are now searchable
    • Much improved bidirectional language support
    • 103 fixed tickets in the beta 3 release
  • Beta 2 (show details)
  • Beta 1 (show details)
  • Alpha 4 (show details)
  • Alpha 3 (show details)
  • Alpha 2 (show details)
  • Alpha 1 (show details)


This is the final beta release. Now we're going to be restraining ourselves to UI polishing, cross browser support, performance and stability. We want to release this to you as soon as possible! A few things that we know we'll be adding include:

  • More bulk editing capabilities in the Organize feature
  • Import permissions from Gallery 2
  • Remap Gallery 2 urls to Gallery 3
  • Improved tagging support
  • Basic embedding hooks / instructions
  • (opt-in) Stats collection (helps us to improve the product)

You can track development on our Trac roadmap.

Got feedback?

If you have any overall feedback, please visit the Gallery 3.0 Beta 3 Feedback forum topic and let us know! If you have questions, please visit the Gallery 3 Wiki, the future home for Gallery 3 documentation.

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I did a fresh install of G3 on Win7 on WAMP. It looks very promising. I also test the user/group creation and permission feature. It rocks! Thank you G3 team!

Sorry for not posting the link in my previous comment.

Note - It is a hack. I modified the following files to make it not show the exif at the bottom right and up in the Photo info location.

/modules/exif/views/exif_sidebar.html.php - commented out all code.

/modules/info/views/info_block.html.php - copied above (from exif fle) and pasted it below "File name:" entry.

Files also attached.

I it a bad hack I know, did this very quickly.


Submitted by karsh on Mon, 2009-09-14 22:28.

Great work! Looks fast, nice and clean. I noticed a small bug, when I change the URL through "Edit this photo", gallery doesn't redirect me to the new url but the old one which gives the "Dang..." error.
One question, can gallery3 be used for multiuser (every registered user can have their own gallery)?

same problem here.

@gmoz22: Glooper as contributed the user-homes module that can be down-loaded from the gallery3-contrib repository, which I believe provides that functionality.

Hi again and thanks to the developers and other contributors to this promising gallery CMS. I see that there is a beta 3 and that there still is a way to go until 3.0 RC1. What about releasing a beta 4 with existing features/bugfixes implemented. I would think that this would do to go live for several of us.

I am not eager to implement/upgrade to the daily snapshots/dev versions, but a new upgradable beta version would be most welcome.

I am really looking forward to Gallery 3 going live wit its first RC.

nettstudio wrote:
What about releasing a beta 4 with existing features/bugfixes implemented.

+1 on that.I'm happy to run a beta on my site, but as other parts of the site grow, the sheer size and cpu load that the G2 installation takes is causing me "issues" with the host.

Last time I tried it, it wasn't importing tags and comments etc from G2, as long as it does that now, I'm happy to run with a beta.

Hier mal noch eine kleine Demo mit deutschem Sprachpaket.

Another +1 to a Beta 4 release. It sounds like there's been a loooot of development since B3, and it also sounds like there might be some time to go before RC1. I'd like to deploy, but I'm not git-smart.

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You don't need to be "git smart"

That'll get you the latest code, no different than a packaged up "beta" release.

Instructions on how to upgrade here:
Like Gallery? Like the support? Donate now!!! See G2 live here


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I just installed Gallery3 BETA from scratch and have a few issues.... I'm getting an error when I try to to to Theme section.

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Make sure you're running the latest code:

That'll get you the latest code, no different than a packaged up "beta" release.

Instructions on how to upgrade here:

If you're still getting error, please create a new thread here:
Like Gallery? Like the support? Donate now!!! See G2 live here

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Daily waiting for final release :)

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bigu_c wrote:
Daily waiting for final release :)


will it be able to apt -install in ubuntu?

Hi, does anyone have an idea when the final release will be released? I want it - I need it! :-)

@lokto7: i guess that's up the the ubuntu support team.
@Sendeman: its done, when its done. If you have any PHP skills, you could take a look at some the unassigned tasks at and maybe try to fix one or two to help speed thing along.

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Wow it would be very cool to have ogg theora video work in Gallery 3 using FireFox, see this:

I'm looking for a way to secure the login and only the login.
My site has a cert, etc. But I don't want to secure the whole gallery. Rather just when a user clicks "Login" it would be ssl (https).
Or maybe only go https for logged in users.

Any suggestions?

hebhansen's picture

Not the easiest of ways, but maybe the right. Drupal has this contrib module for partial ssl pages. Needs rewriting for g3 to work.

all the best
HB -

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@eleavings: How secure do you want it to be? It'd be pretty easy to create a module ot modify the login link to use https, but it's a little harder to modify the login controller to *only* accept https.
Problems? Check gallery3/var/logs
bugs/feature req's | upgrade to the latest code | use git

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UPDATE: The tread had similar issue in the forum @ - Switching to GD solved the problem. Thanks

I recently updated my gallery3 from c1b13dd master, downloaded on 2010-02-15. But when I add images through "serveradd" module, all the thumbs are not generated (this also happens when I upload via browser). So when I enter album, some of the images load as full size (10MP image). Is there any way to force gallery3 to re-create the thumbs?

App Stats:
* Version: 3.0 git (pre-RC1)
* Albums: 379
* Photos: 24464
* Operating system: Linux
* Apache: Unknown
* PHP: 5.2.12
* MySQL: 5.0.88-userstats-log
* Graphics Toolkit: ImageMagick version 6.3.7

All Maintenance tasks are Checked:
* Update Search Index - Search data is up-to-date
* Extract Exif data - Exif data is up-to-date
* Import from Gallery 2 - Gallery 2.3 detected
* Rebuild Images - All your photos are up to date
* Update translations - Download new and updated translated strings
* Remove old files - Remove expired files from the logs and tmp directory


- Hossain Khan

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Have the latest and greatest. Have 11 images to rebuild under maintenance and the Gallery 3 just stalls. Also that 439 images are out of date.

I changed thumbnail size to 2.5, didn't like it and changed back to 2 then the above happened.

Anybody have any up to date themes???

So far I am impressed. This will be a multi-generational album that hopefully the kids will keep going. If you look, I have just scratched the surface. I'm in my 60's and am posting back to my parents baby pictures in 1915.


remove Gallery stats

* Version: 3.0 git (pre-RC1)
* Albums: 52
* Photos: 455

remove Platform information

* Host name:
* Operating system: Linux 2.6.18-92.el5PAE
* Apache: Unknown
* PHP: 5.2.11
* MySQL: 5.0.85-community
* Server load: 0.52 0.54 0.55

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please start a thread in the forums. It is hard to track issues on a news story with 5 pages already.

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